Mrs. Chung and Proctor’s Big and Little Buddies

Mrs. Chung and Proctors Big and Little Buddies

Audrey Yun, Contributor

Taking a leap of faith is hard, however, staying with someone you don’t know for a year, is an obstacle that is actually the problem. Mrs. Proctor’s room is a learning place for third graders. Many inside are intrigued with the fact of learning and especially like the surprises and fun taking place. Although it may be fun, the third graders are learning many different types of subjects that will help take structure within time. However, currently in 2015, these special third graders are having the most fun with their big buddies in building sentences from bare bone sentences, to much more elaborate types that include a verb, noun, and predicates, also known as who, what, where, and when.

From the first time the third graders had set their eyes on Mrs. Chung’s 6th grade GATE students, in 2014, they are immediately given their first chance at being helped in class. At first, there was seeming less and endless chatter of nervousness. One third grader said that once the 6th graders had gone to their partner for the time, they got introduced, and were soon comfortable with them.  Once done accommodating themselves, they got to work on a new writing skill, predicate expanders. There were many mumbles of excitement as they set off to work. The work was easy, but soon got a little more difficult when they were supposed to make a sentence of whatever subject they chose and added to it. Finally, in 2015, they had a project in where they had made a paper with 4 flaps and l whole side in the middle, like a table, and put the predicates, who, what, where, and when, on the four flaps with the 1 whole side, a bare bone sentence. Slowly, they made up an idea from the bare bone and made a whole story based on the bare bone sentence. When finished, they had inserted actions that had made the story even more interesting. Some of the stories included a dinosaurs that were superheroes and changed forms to insure that there will be living things in the earth and another was where a hunter had killed a bear to eat for supper.

Another thing that had occurred where the big buddies helped was when Thanksgiving was just around the corner. Once again, came the big buddies and that they had helped the 3rd graders write what they had been thankful for and what the reasons were. Many were thankful for their food, clothing, friends, relatives, and families. With that, they had started off and wrote many paragraphs about them. These types of paragraphs were kind and showed how loving all of those that had been around them and influenced how they are right now.

However, not all of the buddy time is spent doing schoolwork. When the little buddies and big buddies come together, they had brought snacks such as a trail mix that consisted of marshmallow, chocolate, and trailmix. In this time, together, they had spent this as a time of reading together and getting to know each other better.

Mrs. Proctor’s had made the 3rd graders advanced and intelligent as they are and what they had always been had been excelled in the best of ways. This is how this special group of 3rd graders are always ready to acknowledge what you need to know and always ready to go ahead. But, even a student in Mrs. Proctor’s class could even use the help of the upper grades and their knowledge. After all, no matter what, we can all improve.