Mrs. Chung’s Valentine Day Party

Mrs. Chungs Valentine Day Party

Ashlyn Funck, Contributor

On February 13, Mrs. Chung’s class had an amazing Valentines day party after their etiquette luncheon. The class spoiled Mrs. Chung with many candies, chocolates, thoughtful gifts, and cards. The whole class ate heaps of candy and had fun playing many games. The first activity at the party was exchanging valentines and having a valentine box competition. Most Valentines consisted of cards and candy.

The committee members from Mrs. Chung’s class included Peyton, Lauren K., Renee, Megan, Sienna, Emily D., and Ashlyn. They signed up to organize the party and work at the stations. The class was split into 4 groups and each group went to a station for 15 minutes, then rotated to another activity  The stations were “Pin the Lips on Mrs. Valentine”, “Guess that Candy”, “Conversation Heart Relay” and Snack/dessert.  Pin the lips on Mrs. Valentine is a game similar to pin the tail on the donkey but with lips on Mrs. Valentines’ face. At the Guess That Candy station, they had to guess a candy based on a simple Phrase and whoever figured out all the candies first. To play the conversation heart relay, a person got a straw and had to suck up a conversation heart from a cup and put it in another cup on the other side of the room.As a snack, the class  had marshmallows dipped in chocolate, rolled in  sprinkles, and on the side, ice cream with caramel, strawberry, and chocolate sauce, a cherry, and sprinkles.  The class enjoyed this station and went the tiniest bit crazy  with the whipped cream and chocolate and caramel sauce. All and all, everyone had a wonderful time eating sweets (A lot of fun dip) and spending time playing exciting games with many friends. The Committee took great responsibility in organizing and executing the party.