Mrs. Chung’s Class Global Travels

Mrs. Chungs Class Global Travels

Eric Carson, Contributor

If you are looking for a country to explore for vacation, visit Mrs. Chung’s class for some ideas.  Students are compiling exciting facts, figures, features, and much more about countries all across the globe.  The purpose of this fun and informative activity is to persuade the reader to go to the country described in the report.  While conducting heavy-duty research and constructing paragraph after paragraph to produce a collection of facts and trivia about their country, the students are also having fun learning and knowing that they could convince other people in their school to visit their presented country.  The countries of these reports include Holland, South Korea, China, Ukraine, Romania, and Italy.  There is also challenge that goes with the report.  For the challenge, students are buddied up into pairs where they have to work with a partner that they are unaccustomed to or don’t usually work with.  The students who picked their own country either had an exciting personal experience, their family members had an experience, or they just wanted to learn about its features.  In the end, the information gathered will be transformed into eye-appealing and persuasive-sounding reports.  These reports are convincing enough to make the students want to travel around the world and beyond.  If you are wondering when you could see the Global Travels reports, stop by Mrs. Chung’s room, 230, during Open House.  Even if you may not have an interest in an out of the country vacation, check it out anyways and see if it changes your mind.  If not, then use it as an idea of what you or your child will be doing in Mrs. Chung’s class.