Asia Cup

Jun Shin, Contributor

The players in the countries of Europe and South America. In the World Cup the final two were Germany (from Europe) and Brazil (from South America). Asia decided to make a cup called the Asia Cup because they are not super great at soccer. There were many countries in the Asia Cup that weren’t in the World Cup. Korea republic had almost zero goals in the season of the Asia Cup and obviously made it to the finals. Sadly, some of the best players on Korea Republic were injured like Koo Jae Chal, Kim Shin Wook, and Lee Chung Yong. Another team that had great status was the team Japan. Japan lost in the quarter finals. Australia also competed in the Asia Cup, and surprisingly they got to the semi finals. They also made it to the finals against Korea.

In the beginning Asia Cup finals Australia scored the first goal causing the Korean fans to get very disappointed. At halftime, Australia was winning one to zero. In the second half Robbie Kruse outran the Korean defenders, and the fans lost hope thinking that Robbie would score. But at that moment the crowd of the Korean Defenders right at his side seemed to scare him, and fell on purpose. The ref, Alireza, for some reason made unfair calls against the Koreans, but he didn’t give a foul when Robbie fell on purpose. Robbie pretended like he was hurt and he left the game with an injury. Later in extra time, Lee Jung Hyup, the new striker on the Korean squad, got the ball. When, the ball hit him, another player, Ki, dribbled the ball passed to Son. Son then made his move and scored for Korea. Son saved the game, but in overtime Australia scored. In the Asia Cup, Australia got first, Korea placed second, and Iraq placed third.