20 Would you Rather Questions

20 Would you Rather Questions

Fernanda Mata, Writer

1.Would you rather only eat spinach or onion for a day?


2.Would you rather have your arms and legs or your face permanently painted lime green for a month?


3.Would you rather have a bucket superglued to the back of your head or around your neck?


4.Would you rather become a robot or an alien for a year?


5.Would you rather ride an untamed bull or untamed cheetah to school?


6.Would you rather go swimming in shark infested waters or go sledding during a treacherous blizzard?


7.Would you rather have hair that goes past your feet or be completely bald?


8.Would you rather eat all your meals in a smoothie or eat it all with a spoon including your drink?


9.Would you rather stay at your current age or be 10 years older forever?


10.Would you rather always say everything you are thinking at all times or never speak again?


11.Would you rather spend a week with the president of with your favorite celebrity?


12.Would you rather live without electronics or candy forever?


13.Would you rather always enter a room like a crazy ninja or kartwheel out for the rest of your life?


14.Would you rather have a boathouse or a private jet?


15.Would you rather have a bunny’s ears or a squirrel’s tail?


16.Would you rather shovel out snow and have kids ruin your pile by throwing snowballs at you or rake leaves and have kids jump into your piles and ruin them for the rest of you life?


17.Would you rather have a pet giraffe or panda?


18.Would you rather swim with dolphins or dance with tamed bears?


19.Would you rather swim in a pool of marshmallows or a pool of cotton candy?


20.Would you rather be able to fly or be invisible?