Kraemer Science Olympiad


Jaewon Shin, Contributor

Science Olympiad at Kraemer Middle School was a huge success.  Six students from Mrs. Chung’s class participated in the Kraemer Science Olympiad Team. The sixth graders who participated were Ian Britton, Alan Luong, Tejal Patel, Lindsey Nguyen, Samantha Chien, and Veronika Orlovska. The Science Olympiad’s main coach is the 7th grade G.A.T.E science teacher, Mr. Evola. In addition, Kraemer math teacher, Mr. Lee, Woodsboro 6th G.A.T.E. teacher, Mrs. Chung, and parents Minesh Patel, Jayana Patel, Brandon Huynh, and Vicky Campbell have invested numerous hours into coaching various study and build events as well. Mr. Evola also had high schoolers come to help out the Kraemer team such as Grant Wang, Elastic Launched Glider expert, Allison Pin, Experimental Design coach, and more.

In the Science Olympiad, there are many build events which require students to build structures. Some of these events are Air Trajectory, Bottle Rockets, Wheeled Vehicles, Elastic Launched Gliders, Bridge Building, and Robo-Cross. Also, there is another group of events called study events. In study events, students study material that they would be tested on. There are various study events such as Anatomy, Meteorology, Disease Detectives, Solar System, and Fossils.

The Woodsboro 6th graders competing went to the Ladera Vista and Mesa Robles Invitationals. During the competitions of the Science Olympiad, Ian Britton and Samantha Chien got 5th place in Air Trajectory at Ladera Vista Science Olympiad. Lindsey Nguyen and Veronika Orlovska got 3rd place in Bottle Rockets at Ladera Vista. Tejal and her 8th grade partner, Connie Chang-Chien, got 2nd place in Disease Detectives at Muscatel and 3rd place at Mesa Robles. In Mesa Robles, Tejal also got 3rd in Solar System with another 8th grader, Christopher Leung.  Tejal Patel also participated in the Regionals competition at the University of California, Irvine.

In total, the 6th Grade Editors in the Science Olympiad Team earned 8 medals which was a huge accomplishment. Kraemer received 5th place overall at Ladera Vista and 4th at Mesa Robles. Kraemer also received 2nd place at regionals barely losing to Jeffrey Trail. The Science Olympiad teams worked so hard to fulfill these goals and had so much fun while doing so. Way to go Kraemer Science Olympiad Team!!!