Mrs. Brown’s Christmas Party

Mrs. Browns Christmas Party

Mary Catipay, Contributor

 This past December, Mrs. Brown’s first-grade classroom celebrated the famous winter holiday Christmas with a huge exciting bash that was enjoyed by all of its students.

The first-grade class hosted a wonderful party with many fun activities and games in honor of December 25th, Christmas, despite the party not exactly being on Christmas, and instead took place on the day before Woodsboro’s winter break, December 19th. One of the many fun projects and activities that the class enjoyed was pinecone decorating. The children decorated pinecones of varying sizes with little Christmas related toys and tiny ornaments to make them look like tiny Christmas trees. Even though Mrs. Brown’s students also enjoyed creating little snowmen out of  doughnuts, which, according to several boys in Mrs. Brown’s class, “were really good and fun to create”. The doughnuts were covered with white powdered sugar to make them look like they had snow on them. The tasty doughnuts were also decorated with toppings such as sprinkles and delicious candy to enhance the sweetness of these amazing treats.

In addition to this, their class played a holiday themed version of  the fun and exciting traditional game of BINGO, which had been renamed “JINGO” by the students in this classroom in honor of Christmas. Then after that they settled down with a tasty snack of salty and buttery popcorn to watch the delightful, classic Christmas movie, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Which is about a reindeer named Rudolph who uses his bright glowing red nose to guide Santa’s sleigh. One first-grade student who was at Mrs. Brown’s party expressed his enjoyment for the party by saying “It was one of the best parties that we’ve ever had in this class!”