Interview with Science Olympian, Tejal Patel

Siena Palicke, Classroom Highlights Editor

Tejal, Samantha, Lindsey, Ian, Alan, and Veronkia are all kids from Woodsboro who made it on the Science Olympiad Team. Science Olympiad is “a competition where kids compete in events that are science based,” says Tejal Patel. This year in Science Olympiad Tejal and her partners Connie, Arman, and Chris (all 8th graders) competed with her in the events, Disease Detectives, Write it Do it, and Solar Systems.

“So what exactly do you do in each of these events?” asked Siena. Tejal replied “Disease Detectives is basically learning how to control the growth of a disease so that is doesn’t kill the whole  population. In the event they give us scenario where this in an outbreak and we need to find out how to stop the spread of the disease. My partner, Connie, and I placed 2nd in Muscatel, 3rd in Mesa Robles, and 3rd at Regionals. In Write it Do it there is a writer and a doer. The writer is shown an object and they need to describe how to build it to the doer. The doer, who is not shown the object, must build the object according to the writers instructions. Solar System is an event where you group about 7-8 celestial bodies that have a feature in common. For example, this year all the celestial bodies we studied, about 8 celestial bodies that we think have liquid water on it. During the test, we get some pictures we need to identify what it’s showing. There is also some questions asking you about facts about the celestial bodies.

“Do you ever see the other kids on the Science Olympiad team?” questions Siena. “Yes, when none of us have events we usually talk to each other,” Tejal replies. “So are you going to stay on the Science Olympiad team next year? If you are, will you do the same events your doing this year?” Tejal says “I am definitely going to be doing Science Olympiad next year, and I probably will be doing the same events next year. However, I may also be doing one more event depending on what Mr. Evola, the Science Olympiad coach, wants.”