Kraemer Shadow Day

Kraemer Shadow Day

Lindsey Ngyuen, Featured Writer

Kraemer Middle School provided several G.A.T.E schools a wonderful time to experience the school. On a special date,  February 12th for Woodsboro, 6th grade G.A.T.E students (From Mrs. Livergood’s & Mrs. Chung’s Class) came to Kraemer and follow a boy or girl around the school for the day. Beforehand, the students received a letter or email from their host saying how excited they were and their schedule for the day. A student from Mrs. Chung’s class, Lindsey, had a host was who was  girl named Ayden Osirio and her schedule was the following:

1st Period: Social Studies

2nd Period: Spanish

Break in the Quad

3rd Period: Science


4th Period: Peer Leadership


5th Period: Language Arts

6th Period: Algebra

Ayden also had a 7th period which was P.E but at that time, the GATE students were all getting ready to go home. Social Studies was a new experience because the teacher, Mrs. Fierro, provide a fun powerpoint about China. One of  the new activities was something called a “See, Mean, and Explain” Mrs. Fierro would give the class a picture and give them a time limit as they looked for details, merged those details into short phrases, and explain why it was important to remember those details. Spanish was Lindsey’s favorite class because Mrs. Filipescu was so energetic and knew several languages like Russian. Some of the things Mrs. Filipescu did was a song and a really fun game that involved going back and forth with other people saying ,”Pancho Camanco no quire _____. Pancho Camanco quire ____.” After Mrs. Filipescu heard that Lindsey’s older brother, Ben, was in her class, she told Lindsey a bunch of ways to annoy him such as snapping and saying “Click!” several times. For science, Lindsey got to go to room 504 to get a lesson from Mr. Evola, the science teacher. He told the sixth graders that if they turned in the notes they recorded next year, they can get extra credit. The hosts were planting seeds that day in class. P.R.I.D.E was really Kraemer’s time to do study hall, finish late assignments, retest or anything that the students need to do.

In Peer Leadership Lindsey and her host watched a video called Ted Talks: Not Yet. It showed how if kids had a teachable attitude and realized that if they can’t do it know, they can do it later, the kids succeeded more. Half way through, some other 7th graders and Ayden left to set up a game called “Tough-Love Dodgeball.” It was basically like dodgeball but since it was so near to Valentine’s Day, it was given a new name.  Lunch was either chicken, pizza, or teriyaki and rice for hot lunch. After lunch, Ayden and Lindsey headed to Language Arts where Lindsey got to watch 7th graders present powerpoints and plays about the book, Beowulf. Algebra with Mrs. Erskine also gave Lindsey a new understanding of advanced math. Mrs. Erskine had several posters around her room for review since her students had a test on Friday. Ayden showed Lindsey several equations and also showed her how to solve them. After math, Lindsey had to go back to the MPR to get ready to go home. Kraemer Shadow Day gave Lindsey an experience she will never forget about the middle schooler’s life.

Unfortunately Lindsey didn’t have every class. Her friends also had Orchestra, Newspaper, Band, P.E, and more. Her friend Ashley and Samantha states that they enjoyed P.E very much. Samantha said that “P.E was fun cause I have a friend in 7th grade and I kept on trying to hit him over and over again.” Delightful, meanwhile another sixth grader named Bianca said that, “Kraemer Shadow Day was great! My favorite part was when we did math because it was a challenge and pretty fun as well. My host was really nice and did everything to make me happy. Thank you Kraemer!”

Overall Kraemer Shadow Day was a fun, energetic day for both 6th graders and their hosts.