Interview of the Queen of Hearts of Blue Cast


Ashley Chen, Editor & Writer

Alice in Wonderland Interview: The Queen of Hearts

Lauren Owen: Mrs. Chung’s class


Check out this cool interview with one of the Queen of Hearts in the school play,


Ashley(Interviewer): Hello, Lauren. Today I will interview you about your role in the school play, Alice in Wonderland. How does that sound?


Lauren: That’s sounds perfectly fine!


A: Perfect! Alright then, first question: What is your role in the play?


L: I am the Queen of Hearts!


A: Wow! That’s amazing! So then who is the Queen of Hearts for the other group?


L: Alyssa Toner in Mrs. Livergood’s class. We were so excited when we got the part! She couldn’t keep it in and told me before I got to the office and we hugged so hard! It really hurt, though…


A: Well then congratulations to her too! When you first auditioned, what part were you aiming for?


L: Well, of course it was Alice, but I was probably too tall…


A: Who is Alice?


L: Briley Hicks in the Red Cast and Bailey something-or-other in the Blue Cast.


A: Which cast are you performing in?


L: I am going to be in the Blue Cast.


A: Oh. Well, how many plays, in general, have you’ve been in?


L: I have been in 4, not including Alice in Wonderland.


A: Cool, which plays?


L: Peter Pan in first grade, Cinderella in second, Seussical the Musical in third, and The Jungle Book with my voice teacher, Mrs. Huston last year.


A: Have you ever watched any other plays or musicals? Such as Wicked or Into the Woods?


L: Yes! I love Into the Woods so much! I sing songs from it all the time! I also just watched Wicked and my sister keeps listening to them all the time, which is getting kind of annoying.


A: I love Into the Woods too! But anyway, which play did you enjoy part taking in the most?


L: I really liked practicing for the Jungle Book, but the day, literally THAT day, I broke my clavicle in a soccer game and I couldn’t take part in the play. I was going to be the head of Kaa, the snake, but, sadly, Abby took the part instead.


A: Well that’s too bad. And even though you didn’t really play that part, it’s still your favorite performance?


L: Well, maybe not my favorite, but it was because that was the first time I actually got a part, and not the ensemble. I guess I like doing Seussical the Musical the best, though.


A: Is there any other performances that you did in school or outside of school?


L: Well, I was in the fourth grade, fifth, and sixth grade mock trials. I was the Big Bad Wolf in Big Bad Wolf vs. Curly Pig, Queen Elsa of Arendell in Elsa vs. Prince Hans, and Rapunzel in Kingdom vs. Mother Gothel.


A: Wow. That’s amazing! Well, that about wraps up this interview. Thank you for coming, Lauren.


L: You’re welcome!