Mrs. John’s Book Report

Natalie Hawkins

One of my class projects was to write a book report. My book report was cool because of my oral presentation. In my oral presentation I did what I thought was right and my classmates thought it was amazing! My book report was about Good Sport Gwen by Valerie Tripp. I picked that book because I thought it was interesting. In the book, the class was studying for the spelling test called the spelling bee. The spelling bee separated the children into a blue and red. A-K was on the blue team and L-Z was on the red team.  Gwen got angry in the story because she lost the spelling bee. Then she said “Our blue team stinks!” The next day it was recess and Gwen stayed in. The teacher asked her “What’s wrong.” and she said “I don’t think the kids will want to be on my team anymore.”The teacher asked why. Gwen replied with a “Because I was a bad sport in the spelling bee.” After that the teacher told her that she should try to make up a game to help them practice. That’s when Gwen had an idea. In soccer, every time they got a word right. They scored a goal and if they didn’t they would have to go to the end of the line. Then the next person would try. On friday, it was the next spelling bee. Gwen’s team loses again but she was a good sport. I think it was a really good book! I think a awesome writing my report.