Janet Doan and Kalea Stone, Contributors


Q1: There is a pizza and the pizza must be shared among two sons and two fathers but the pizza has only three slices. How is it possible to share the slices among the three people?


Q2: Write the word hole, and see if you can make a building with just two straight lines.


Q3: “Waiter, will my pizza be long?” asked the diner.


Q4: What do you call an eagle with no hair?


Q5: What do you call a hippo with no hip?

(Answers on bottom)



A1: it is shared among a son, a father, and a grandfather because the father is both a son and father.


A2: You put a short horizontal line on the l to make it a t and add a long vertical line at the end to make the word hotel.


A3: “No, it will be round.”


A4: A bald eagle!


A5: A po!