Mrs. Livergood’s chicken mummies

Mrs. Livergoods chicken mummies

Eva Hernandez

This year, the 6th graders from Mrs. Livergood’s class learned about mummies and the process of embalming during social studies time. Embalming is how the ancient Egyptians would preserve the dead bodies by using spices and wrapping the body in cloth. We were so interested in the way the Egyptians mummified people, so our teacher, Mrs. Livergood, set up a project for us. Our class got to embalm mummies! Don’t worry; these were only chickens that were bought from a store.

Parent helpers walked us through the embalming process, what spices to use, and how to wrap them. The whole process took a lot of time, but the fun made it all worth it. Each week we learned a little bit more about the proper way to preserve a body. We dried the chickens out, then stuffed and covered them with flour and baking soda. These ingredients help the body dry out faster. Once the first step was complete, we started with the spices. There were many options of spices that we could have used. The seasonings were all aromatic, and some were cloves, cinnamon, ginger, and basil. Once we covered them in spices, we rapped the chickens in cloth that had soaked in tea for coloring. we did that to make it look old.

Since the chickens were done being mummified, we got to decorated boxes to put them in, like sarcophagus. We used shoe boxes from home and painted them, also adding extra details. Some people made their boxes look ancient and authentic, and other people used the decorations to describe themselves and their personalities. Lastly, we put the mummies in their “coffins” and they are ready to take home. Overall, this was a great class experience, and it certainly taught me a lot about Egyptian traditions.