Night of the Wolf

Night of the Wolf

Samir Tunseem, Contributor

There was once a boy who was in a village called Ocean Village. He had a shot that turned him into a wolf every night. All of the villagers were suspicious because of his behaviors like how he sniffs himself all the time and disappears during the night.

They always kept an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t do anything bad and to get clues of why he is acting weird.

In the night he always went up to his fellow wolves, and they were planning to find some sort of ring that was hidden far away. Hunters were suspicious because they heard howls and voices cackling inside a cave.

The hunters once went into the cave and saw the boy. They were shocked and they knew they had to tell the villagers. The villagers knew that they were looking for the ring that they hid and that the boy was spying on them. They made sure they kept track of the boy at all times and they put the village under security. The boy and his wolf army went over to the cave they tracked for the ring. It took them years to get there but the guards were right behind them spying on them. Once they got to the cave there were many traps, but the wolves were too smart. They eventually found the ring, but they were too strong then they scented the guards and captured them. They infected the guards and turned them to their side. They then marched to the village to destroy it, but the villagers knew and had steel armor to fight with. The villagers lost many men, but they still won. The boy was nowhere to be found. The villagers knew that they were in danger. The wolf was taking one person per night and created a big army that shall soon conquer Ocean Village.