No Freedom Until Martin

This man wasn’t an ordinary man. He was loving and caring to all blacks and whites.That man did the what every body feared to do. He didn’t stop at anything. No firehoses, guns, dogs, and guns could stop this man. He never fought. He fought back at the white with poems and speeches. He always got put in jail for doing the right thing.
That man never gave up. He wanted the little black boys and girls to hold hands with the little the little white boys and girls. He never wanted the the little black boys and black girls to sit in the back of the bus. He also never wanted them to go to different schools and learn different things. He wanted the blacks to be treated fairly and not the whites to be treated like royales.That man didn’t like the ways of the law. He didn’t like how blacks shouldn’t be treated equally. He always had that dream. That man’s name was Martin Luther King Jr.