Disney and Hawaii Birthday!

Disney and Hawaii Birthday!

Natalie Hawkins, Contributor

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Emily. Her dream was to go to Hawaii. Today was her birthday and she thought she was going to Disneyland. Her parents were really taking her to Hawaii. As they were driving she said, “This isn’t the way to Disneyland! Where are we going?”

“To Disneyland!” her mother replied.

“Are you sure?” ,said Emily.

“Yes.” ,said her father. When they got to the airport, her parents told her where she was really going. Emily was so excited that she ran inside to join her parents at the airplane. When she was riding the plane, she saw three islands and they landed in Hawaii. The first thing she saw was two palm trees.

Then she saw a Hawaii girl and she said “Aloha!”. She was so pretty! After that she saw a parrot and did the hula. It was the best birthday ever!