Strange Things

Strange Things

Sarah, Contributor

Not so long ago, there was a little fairy. She loved to explore the unknown. Her parents always told her to be careful because there are weird things out there. One time she was exploring with her friend and cousin, a scaredy-cat. They were getting hungry and they saw some berries that looked good enough to eat. They grabbed just a few to eat. They were quite delicious so they started to grab more and more of the berries. Some kind of alien kidnapped them. They were scared and screamed when they saw the spaceship. One of the aliens said, “We want your magic.”

The three didn’t know what to do and asked, “Why?”

They replied, “Because we can’t fly anymore and the Queen took our powers and we’re said.” One fairy said they have to sing to get their powers. The aliens started to sing and could fly and everyone was happy!


The End