Buzz Cut

On December 17, 2014 Jonathan was going to get a hair-cut. While Jonathan was sleeping he had a dream that he would be shaved so he would be bald and no one would like him.

After he woke up he was relieved that it was a dream and he felt his hair. When it was later in the day it was time for his hair cut he was refusing to get in the car, but he had to.

When he got to the hair place  he got called over by a man and he asked Jonathan,”Do you play sports?”

Jonathan said,”Yes, I play baseball.”

The man cut his hair really short and Jonathan screamed! He got a lollipop, paid for his “great” haircut, shouted a quick thanks, and ran to the car. After they went home they went to dinner when he got there everyone said,”Hi, I like your hair.” It made Jonathan feel better about his hair.